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25 Jan 2011 10:59


Biz: Consumers pretty confident in January, ready to take on world

  • 60.6 consumer confidence level – the highest since May source

28 Dec 2010 10:57


Biz: Consumers bought more this Christmas, but not feeling confident

  • good Consumers bought more stuff in the week before Christmas than they did a year earlier – a solid 4.8-percent jump. It’s a great holiday season overall for retail.
  • bad However, consumer confidence managed to fall in December, suggesting that we still in fact have a long way to go before we’re back to normal, guys. source

28 Sep 2010 11:08


Tech: Consumers feeling less confident, more self-conscious

  • 48.5 the consumer confidence level in September – the lowest since Feburary
  • 53.2 the consumer confidence level in August, so yeah, it went way down this month source

23 Feb 2010 10:32


Biz: Consumers not confident about much of anything anymore

  • 46.0 the consumer confidence index, which is at its lowest level since April 2009
  • 63.8 the expectations index, which is also down significantly; who needs hope, anyway?
  • 19.4 the present situation index, which is at its lowest level in 27 years (sob) source

29 Dec 2009 10:23


Biz: Consumers more confident, convinced they can do anything now

  • 50.6 the consumer confidence level in November; uhh, are we sure we can do this?
  • 52.9 the consumer confidence level this month; see, it went up! You can do anything, guys! source

27 Oct 2009 10:58


Biz, U.S.: Daily poll: Are you feeling confident, fellow consumers?

  • The Conference Board research group says its consumer confidence index is currently sitting at a 26-year low. We guess we can see it, but want to know how you’re feeling, personally. And since we can’t come to every one of your homes to ask you, a poll is the best way. So vote.source

29 Sep 2009 10:20


Biz: Consumers lose a bunch of confidence in September

  • 53.1 consumer confidence this month; that’s way down source

26 May 2009 10:55


Biz, U.S.: Consumer confidence way up. No, actually WAAAYYYYYY up.

  • 54.9% in May; it was just 40% in April. Whoa. source