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03 Oct 2010 10:25


Offbeat: Druidry officially recognized as a religion in Britain

Why the hell not? They let atheists walk all over the Church of England all the time. At least these dudes are gonna stick around Stonehenge and not bother anyone. source

03 Apr 2010 16:17


World: Catholics jump on Jews, Anglicans jump on Catholics, Buddhists left out

  • An institution so deeply bound in to the life of society suddenly becoming – suddenly losing all credibility. That’s not just a problem for the church, it’s a problem for everybody in Ireland, I think.
  • Church of England head Rowan Williams • Regarding the scandal surrounding the Catholic Church of Ireland, which in a lot of ways mirrors the one the Vatican is facing. Of course, Williams immediately regretted saying it, because, well, it’s a controversial thing to say! Can we just have a moratorium on religious types saying controversial things about one another? source