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18 Mar 2010 09:24


Politics: Obama goes on Fox News, has a hard time getting a word in

  • You know what? It wasn’t so much the questioning that kept Obama off Fox News all these months. It was the interruptions. Bret Baier seemingly wouldn’t let Obama finish a question with a complete answer. “I know you don’t like the filibuster,” Baier put it, but this interview was tough to watch simply because Baier wouldn’t go with the flow. However, and Time makes a good point in this regard: “But I give Fox News credit for not letting Obama turn the interview into an infomercial for Democratic health care reform. Aren’t we all a little tired of those?” Agreed, but there are ways to do it without cutting Obama off. source

16 Mar 2010 20:38


Politics: Bret Baier’s freaking: Obama’s gonna show up on Fox News

  • The president hasn’t shown up on Fox News in ages. President Obama may not be getting interviewed by Hannity or Glenn Beck, but he will get some prime attention from Bret Baier on “Special Report” tomorrow. Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post has a lot of fun with the piece, saying, “He must really want to pass that health-care bill.” Well, yeah. Might as well try. source