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18 Nov 2009 10:37


Culture: Note to Fond du Lac Reporter journalists covering R. Crumb: Try harder

  • I don’t think a picture or comic could contain God. It is hard for me to pick a picture and say, ‘This is what God looks like’ because of His amazing greatness. When I think about God appearing, I think of the effect of God’s hand in the people’s lives around me.
  • Marian University campus ministry vice president Valerie Young • Discussing the controversy surrounding R. Crumb‘s new “Book of Genesis” graphic novel. First of all, screw the reporter (Heather Stanek) for comparing Crumb’s work to a bunch of superheroes. If you know anything about Crumb, he’s angled his entire career and drawing style and perverseness to be a reaction to the traditional comic book mold. Secondly, where’s the balance? No atheists were interviewed in the article, either, and neither were people who could look at the novel as a literary piece of work. Did this reporter know anything about Crumb – and his motivations for the work – before writing about him? • source