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14 Jun 2010 11:14


Tech: Geniuses take netbook CPUs and make a cool server out of them

  • See this smug bastard? Wondering why he’s so smug? Well, his company, SeaMicro, just blew up the server industry. This device he’s sitting next to uses hundreds of Intel Atom chips – 512 to be exact – to create supercomputer-level performance with a lower energy footprint than traditional servers. Why does Intel Atom sound so familiar? Oh yeah, those are the chips that they use in slow, low-power netbooks. Nice idea. source

02 Nov 2009 11:58


Tech: Lame: Apple’s trying to block hacked Macs from its architecture

  • Have an Intel Atom Netbook? It won’t work in the next Snow Leopard update. That’s what Mac hacker Stellarola, behind the OSx86 hacking method, notes. “In the current developer build of 10.6.2,” he writes, “Apple appears to have changed around a lot of CPU related information. One of the effects of this is Apple killing off Intel’s Atom chip.” That means a lot of FrankenMac netbooks could be left out in the cold in the next version of Snow Leopard. *shakes head* We just don’t understand Apple’s inexplicable motives sometimes. source