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07 Jun 2009 11:30


Offbeat: A 90-year-old woman, saved by a rubber duckie

  • She was stuck in her bathtub for three days. Shirley Madsen of Walnut Creek, Calif., who just turned 90, debated between taking a bath eating dinner. She chose the bath, which proved to be a mistake, as she could not lift herself out of the bathtub. She spent three days stuck in the tub, preventing dehydration by drinking water out of a rubber duckie. When she was finally found, she had a deep tissue bruise, two bedsores and dry skin. But the rubber duckie saved her life. source

07 Feb 2009 09:17


Biz, U.S.: Bernard Madoff didn’t just screw over the super-wealthy

  • We don’t have any cash reserves now. And we still owe money on our houses.
  • Ian Thiermann • A 90-year-old California man who lost his $750,000 life savings in Madoff’s scheme and now works in a grocery store to make ends meet. Yeah, that’s right, he’s 90 and works in a grocery store. • source