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22 Jan 2010 16:46


Politics: Will Ben Bernanke get reconfirmed in the Senate? Neither party knows

  • There is bipartisan support and there’s bipartisan opposition. But you need 60.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s spokesman, Don Stewart • Regarding whether or not Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will have the 60 votes needed in the Senate to get himself a second term. Finding trouble reaching that mark in his own party, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reached out to McConnell’s people to see if they could find 60 votes between the two of them. Considering how vitriolic things have been between the two parties of late, it’s interesting that they’re working together on anything. Neither McConnell nor Reid will commit to supporting Bernanke themselves. Bad sign. source

21 Dec 2009 21:19


U.S.: What’s next for the health care bill? Here’s a quick round-up

  • one It (likely) passes the Senate after a couple more super-tense votes later this week.
  • two The Senate and House take their bills and try to compromise on major details.
  • three The House and Senate vote again, possibly with everyone still on board.
  • four It hits Obama’s desk, and he asks, “What do you call your act?” “The Aristocrats!” source

21 Nov 2009 21:02


U.S.: No Republicans, no problem: The Senate Dems get health care going

  • It’s official, kids. The Democrats have taken weeks of attempting to get this shiznit on the Senate floor and actually gotten it on the freaking Senate floor. And they did it without a single Republican. Who knows if they’ll get any further with it, but it’s a great first step. source