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Posted on September 1, 2009 | tags


Biz, Culture: Marvel is just more proof that Disney is out of good ideas

  • [Bob Iger] was watching all the classic Disney characters go by, and it hit him that there was not one character that Disney had created in the past 10 years. Not one. All the new characters were invented by Pixar.
  • John Lasseter • Discussing the turning point that convinced Disney to buy Pixar in 2006. Consider the Marvel deal to be in a similar situation. Marvel’s live-action properties are far more compelling than Disney’s right now, so much so that Disney’s struggling at the box office while other companies are doing really well. While Pixar can guarantee one solid animated movie a year, Disney’s live-action side has had diminishing returns since “Pirates of the Carribean.” Marvel provides the mouse with a shot in the arm. • source