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28 Oct 2010 22:23


Biz: Get rich quick scheme: Suing McDonald’s for making you fat

  • 12 x 65 = the number of years a Brazilian McDonald’s employee worked at the restaurant, and the number of pounds he gained while working there
  • $17,500 the size of the judgment for the Brazilian, who should have a Marie Claire article written about how ugly he is any day now source

01 Feb 2009 13:45


Culture: Nick Lachey to media: Leave Jessica ALONE!

  • I think it’s ridiculous that the media is making such a big deal about it. It’s ridiculous that it would be making headlines. But you can’t believe everything that’s written or reported in the media. I wish her nothing but happiness.
  • Nick Lachey • on his ex-wife, pop star Jessica Simpson, and her apparent weight gain, as shown in photos plastered all over the Interweb. So what if she’s fat? We’ve been packing on the pounds ourselves. Seriously, Pizza Hut is freaking tasty. We’re vegetarian though, so Chicken of the Sea is off-limits. • source