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01 Jul 2011 14:29


Tech: What combines alligator skin, titanium and Android innards?

  • If you said this ungodly-expensive phone, you’re right! Watch-maker Tag Heuer, known for its high-style time-telling machines a little more than its ability to make a phone you’d actually use, decided to make a phone that only Gordon Gecko would use. This $6,750 monstrosity of Swiss engineering, called the Tag Heuer Link, doesn’t even have decent specs for a smartphone — an outdated version of Android, just 256 megabytes of internal storage (most smartphones start at 16 gigs), an average camera and a fairly-standard screen. But hey, it’s expensive and stylish! And there’s not an similar iPhone 4 case available for purchase online! If we were Bud Fox, though, we’d probably just stick with a white iPhone 4. source

17 Jun 2010 11:06


Tech: AOL sells its forgotten social networking lemon, Bebo

  • $850
    amount AOL spent on Bebo, a Facebook wannabe, when they bought it two years ago
  • chump
    amount AOL likely sold Bebo for today; it was a terrible investment for the company source

26 Jan 2010 10:07


Biz: 100-calorie packs: Way too overloaded with packaging?

In an effort to encourage healthier eating, food packaging has gotten increasingly complex. This stuff doesn’t go away on its own, guys. source

25 Feb 2009 21:12


U.S.: Jindal’s volcano remark: An erupting dramabomb

  • $140 million? Necessary? Uh, yeah, dude. Last night, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made a critical comment about an appropriation in the stimulus bill for “volcano monitoring” during his rebuttal to President Obama’s speech. But locals near major volcanoes say the money is necessary to prepare for natural disasters – something critics say Jindal should know about, given his state’s recent history with Hurricane Katrina. Plus, the money would create jobs, one expert notes. Jindal isn’t backing down, though. source