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06 Dec 2009 21:56


Music: People are apparently shocked – shocked! that Best Buy sells vinyl

  • Some individuals come into our store and they stop in their tracks. They don’t expect to see this. You can see them reminiscing as they start looking at the album covers.
  • Best Buy sales representative Andre Sam • Describing the reaction many customers have to the fact that Best Buy actually sells vinyl records at some of its stores. And the vinyl isn’t old stuff, either – Lady Gaga, 50 Cent and Norah Jones are just some of the artists who make appearances in Best Buy’s bin. While vinyl only has 1% of the market cornered, it’s up 35% this year alone. source

18 Apr 2009 18:47


Biz, Music: Go in a record store today and buy a cool physical disc

  • reasoning Independent record stores may be in declining in influence and popularity, but they’re still institutions worth supporting. Which is why Record Store Day which started in 2007, came about.
  • events Numerous bands – big and small – are chipping in to support the institutions, both via live performances and special record-store-only releases. So what are you waiting for? source

29 Jan 2009 17:53


Music: Obama’s top-secret access to a killer record collection

  • Presidents have great vinyl Back in the 1970s, the RIAA decided that the presidential library needed some records. Back in the late ’70s, they decided they needed some cool records. So, during the Carter administration, the music industry gave the president some pretty awesome 33⅓ rpm platters. But in the Reagan years, they were confined to the basement (along with some old reels of Bedtime for Bonzo, we’re sure).
  • What’s in the collection? From classics by Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones to cult-classic platters by Captain Beefheart and Talking Heads, it’s a pretty darn cool record collection marked with a presidential seal. Most of the albums are fairly pristine and have just been sitting around untouched for 30 years. No word on whether any of the albums are worth pilfering by DJ Shadow, or if there’s any no wave in there, but we hear there’s lots of punk. source