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05 Apr 2010 11:25


Politics: Anti-Obama urologist doesn’t know what he’s pissed about

  • Well you know, I can’t tell you exactly what the deal is.
  • Dr. Jack Cassell • Discussing that health care bill which he doesn’t like. He was on the radio with Alan Colmes Friday when he admitted this. Colmes, who was trying to figure out exactly why the doctor disliked the plan so much, when it became clear that he didn’t understand what he was railing against. He later admitted that he wished the law was explained better, but not before putting a sign on his office telling people who support Obama to go away. source

02 Apr 2010 17:27


Politics: Urologist pissed about health care law, takes it out on patients

  • If you voted for Obama, seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.
  • A sign outside the office of Florida Dr. Jack Cassell • Regarding the health care law and his frustrations with Obama. A patient happened to notice this friendly sign, and now Rep. Alan Grayson – that ultra-liberal guy who just happens to be Cassell’s congressman – plans to file a formal complaint with the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Medical Board. One other angle: Mount Dora, Florida, is very GOP-heavy, but Grayson says that the Democrats in the town are largely black. Grayson could’ve left that one alone. source