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08 Feb 2011 21:47


Tech: Yo, Facebook, hope you enjoy your massive new office space

09 Nov 2010 00:02


U.S.: Creepbag homophobic stalker dude Andrew Shirvell fired

  • creepy Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell famously got infatuated with a gay University of Michigan student and wrote a hate blog about him. He then showed up on Anderson Cooper’s show, and some magic happened.
  • idiotic An investigation showed a few things: Shirvell was doing much of his blogging and harassment while on the job, he sat outside the guy’s home at 1:30 in the morning, and he stalked the guy’s friends around Ann Arbor. So, yeah.
  • fired In reaction to all this information (and let’s not forget the fact that he lied to investigators), Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox fired Shirvell today. Shirvell’s lawyer hilariously blamed “the liberal media” for his client’s firing. source

27 Jul 2010 21:45


Culture: STALKERS Act of 2010: Erin Andrews supports this absurd acronym

  • I’m showing my face. I’m lending my voice. And I’m here to give this law some teeth.
  • ESPN personality Erin Andrews • Speaking on Capitol Hill today about her support of the “Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act of 2010.” In case you’re confused, it’s the “STALKERS Act of 2010.” Andrews has personal experience with this, thanks to that weird dude who shot that video of her that one time. While the intent of H.R. 5662 is without question, GOOD GOD is that acronym a stretch. source