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08 Dec 2009 10:19


Politics: Climate change expert: That e-mail controversy no big thang

  • Well, I can tell you, privately when I talk to my friends, I use language much worse than that. This was purely private communications between friends, between, colleagues, they were letting off steam. I think we should see it as nothing more than that.
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chairman Rajendra Pachauri • Throwing in his two cents on the climate change hacked e-mail scandal. He points out that even if they were trying to push inaccurate information into reports, the reports are peer-reviewed so it would’ve never gotten through. “There are so many checks and balances in the processes and procedures that we follow at the IPCC, there is not one iota of possibility that something like this would happen,” he said. source

21 Nov 2009 11:10


Politics: A bunch of global warming skeptics freak out over hacked e-mails

  • This is not a smoking gun; this is a mushroom cloud.
  • Climatologist Patrick J. Michaels • Describing his feelings on a bunch of private e-mails ganked from a British university’s computer server. The belief of skeptics? These e-mails prove that the scientific community is overstating the global warming threat for their own gain. The University of East Anglia confirms the hacking but says they can’t confirm the accuracy of the e-mails sent. Source