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20 Jun 2011 22:38


Offbeat: Scientists make beef substitute out of human feces

  • Every once in a while, we catch wind of a story so self-evidently absurd that it completely immunizes itself to satire. While we’d love to make a joke about the fact that scientists have now found a way to turn human feces into meat, there’s really no point. It’d be like doing an impression of Charlie Sheen and expecting it to be funnier than just watching an interview of Charlie Sheen. We will, however, note that the synthetic meat, which they tastefully refer to as a “turdburger,” is lower in fat than real beef. [hat-tip: io9] source

02 Mar 2009 08:44


Offbeat: This ain’t going to #*)%&@& work, Los Angeles

  • No-cussing week, more like ignore the weak-@$$ rules week. Los Angeles has made the first week of March “No-Cussing” week based on the suggestion of a *)&)&#& 15-year old. That piece of %&%* good-for-nothing (^#$head thinks that if less people cursed, more problems could be solved. You know what, kid? %&$^ your idealism – you’re from (&*^&)&*) California, where you’re not supposed to have any. (There’s no punishment for cussing, by the way.) source