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17 Dec 2009 21:13


U.S.: Was @military_mom right to tweet about her son drowning?

  • Please pray like never before. my 2 yr old fell in the pool.
  • Blogger @military_mom (a.k.a. Shellie Ross) • Regarding the drowning of her son. Many are up in arms about the fact that she tweeted about the incident half an hour after it happened. He died a few hours later. Our feeling? Twitter is just a communication mechanism like any other. It’s as easy to use as texting or phone calls, or any other mechanism you use. Twitter isn’t a faddish thing – Twitter is a communication mechanism. People can and will use it for this. Are we wrong? Let us know. (Either way, and let us be clear – this is a sad story and that doesn’t take away from that one bit. We actually find the New York Post story that brought up the issue to be quite disrespectful.) source