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23 Dec 2009 14:11


Culture: Remake hell: A new “Karate Kid,” starring Will Smith’s kid, Jaden

  • Is Will Smith’s kid the next Ralph Macchio? Based on this trailer, it looks that way. Never mind the fact that Jaden Smith is 11 (Macchio was 23 when the first “Karate Kid” was made) and Jackie Chan is something of a rich man’s Pat Morita. But yeah, here’s one of those remakes that didn’t need to happen. source

30 Nov 2009 10:42


Culture: Another movie remade in Lego – this time, “The Matrix”

  • Somehow, this trick never gets old. Doing a movie scene – or any scene, honestly – up in Legos gives it instant cultural currency, as in the case of this shot-by-shot remake of a scene from “The Matrix.” We credit The White Stripes. source

26 Mar 2009 10:28


Culture: Let’s make a Three Stooges movie with big-time serious actors!

  • larry Oscar-winning superstar Sean Penn’s already in place to play the nested-hair guy.
  • moe Fellow Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro is in talks to play the ticked-off straight man.
  • curly Jim Carrey is in talks to play the fat funnyman – but wouldn’t he be a better Shemp? source

22 Mar 2009 11:10


Culture, Offbeat: “Sideways” gets turned upside-down with Japanese remake

OK, the U.S. remake of “Ringu” was one thing, but this is just weird and odd and unexpected. There’s no Merlot-bashing, though. source

26 Feb 2009 11:06


Culture: A total recall of Ahh-nold’s “Total Recall”

The film’s being remade even though the former main star is kinda busy. source