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16 Dec 2009 10:35


Tech: SEO experts made uncomfortable by the rise of real-time search

  • It’s like we’re back to Infoseek in 1997. If you want to rank #1, don’t worry about quality content, relevance or popularity, just be the last person to Tweet about a topic and you’ll come out on top (at least, for a few seconds).
  • SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin • In a post discussing (among other things) the sudden desire by Google (and Bing!) to be on top of the real-time search game. It’s all part of a list of his predictions for 2010. He’s not alone – apparently a lot of SEO experts are with him. He calls it the worst implementation of a new product he’s seen from Google so far, and suggests that it won’t last in its current form more than a couple of weeks. He’s probably nervous that it’s gonna cost him money because his entire business model is based on a search engine optimization model Google just broke. source