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21 Feb 2012 01:13


Politics: “Outed” Arizona sheriff won’t quit Congressional race after scandal

  • I’ve never defined myself by anything other than my service, and my duty, and what we should all be judged on in life. We’ve all had relationships, as is clear as day now — now this is national news — that I have had one where he wanted to harm me. And now this is rolled out, and the timing is more than a coincidence.
  • Pinal County, Ariz. Sheriff Paul Babeu • On having to “out” himself in light of a personal scandal. The sheriff, currently running for a Republican Congressional seat in Arizona, had been dogged by rumors that he threatened to deport an ex-lover to Mexico if their relationship a secret wasn’t kept. In order to deny those rumors, Babeu held a press conference and, in turn, announced his sexuality. Babeu, a hard-line conservative who had been a rising GOP star prior to the scandal, recently spoke at CPAC, where he called his primary opponent, Rep. Paul Gosar “most liberal Republican member of Congress.” Babeu thinks political rivals were behind the recent scandal. “I’ve got a record of service. people know me. I want to be judged, as every American should be, on results,” Babeu said. Does Babeu stand a shot at getting elected in the wake of this news? source

24 Nov 2011 12:02


U.S.: Arizona plane crash: Mother notified after her three children killed

  • They were spending Thanksgiving with their father. Last night’s deadly plane crash in Superstition Mountains, a rugged patch of mountains east of Phoenix, was especially sad because of the time of year. Six people died, including three children and three adult men. The mother of the children, who was not on the plane, was notified by authorities late Wednesday. “The mother is a pilot herself,” noted Elias Johnson of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. “She understands when a plane crashes at 230 miles an hour … directly into the face of the mountain … and when it’s a fiery crash,” the odds of survival are low. source

23 Nov 2011 22:29


U.S.: Plane crashes into mountains east of Phoenix; details coming in

  • The crash happened on rough terrain, making rescue tough. A plane crash in the Superstition Mountains, east of Phoenix, appears to have left a large explosion, based on the webcam video above (key moment 53 seconds in). Details are hard to come by right now. “We don’t know yet if it’s a passenger plane or a crop duster,” said Angelique Graham, the Pinal County (Ariz.) sheriff’s spokeswoman. “We can’t tell the size of the aircraft involved from the air and we can’t tell how many people may have been aboard.”  Details are coming in as we speak. (Edit: Just got an update; the plane had three adults and three children on board.)  source