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20 Nov 2009 21:08


Tech: Is Google’s Chrome OS really just Android OS with less paint?

  • It is easy to understand why Google wants to keep Chrome OS and Android separated in our minds: Chrome OS seems revolutionary, if a bit far-fetched. Android, by comparison, is the evolution of what are already doing.
  • PC World tech columnist David Coursey • Explaining the issue that rears its ugly head with Chrome OS – people don’t understand the difference between Google’s two operating systems. Coursey’s argument? Google is essentially selling the same thing twice, but Chrome OS does significantly less than Android OS does. Source

19 Nov 2009 11:04


Tech: PC World: The Apple Tablet is a “mirage” that isn’t gonna happen

  • Let’s face it: The Apple tablet is a mirage created by legions of fanboys and tech dreamers. The closer you get to that mirage, the more you realize it’s not going to be there when you arrive. But then, off in the distance, an even brighter and more beautiful tablet is envisioned for a day that will never come.
  • PC World columnist Ian Paul • In an article titled “The Apple Tablet is Dead.” Paul suggests that the tablet is something of a driving factor for the fanboy audience than a real device. Though we’d like to remind Mr. Paul that a lot of people thought the same thing about the iPhone before it came out. With Apple, everything’s still on the table, even when it’s not – except for an App store that makes sense for developers. • source