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15 Feb 2012 10:20


World: Iran says it’s making its own nuclear fuel, doesn’t care what you jerks think

  • cause In a dramatic speech Wednesday, a white-lab-coat-clad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran had figured out a way to produce its own domestically-made nuclear fuel. If true, this would be a big deal on the diplomatic front.
  • reaction For this and other reasons, both the U.S. and Europe are considering slamming the country with some super-strong financial sanctions, which have already led Iran to cut off oil exports to six European nations. source

26 Feb 2011 10:58


World: Iran’s long-gestating Bushehr nuclear plant delayed AGAIN

  • dreamAn Iranian nuclear power plant, long in the works since before the Islamic Revolution and currently being tag-teamed with Russia, was supposed to finally get up early this year after numerous delays.
  • reality Russia is forcing Iran to unload a bunch of nuclear fuel assemblies to test for numerous safety concerns, according to a nuclear watchdog. Maybe it’ll open after that? 36 years is a long time. source

29 Oct 2009 20:40


U.S., World: As expected, Iran was like “uh…… no” about that nuclear deal

  • The key issue is that Iran does not agree to export its lightly enriched uranium. That’s not a minor detail. That’s the whole point of the deal.
  • A senior International Atomic Energy Agency official • Discussing (off the record) the details of Iran’s response to that nuclear deal that seemed like it could be a major breakthrough last week. The sticking point? The U.S. was trying to get the country to ship most off its nuclear material to other countries for enrichment into materials that couldn’t be made into weapons. Iran wants to wait to export the material until the fuel assemblies are built for their reactor in Tehran, at which point the whole agreement means nothing. • source