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04 Jan 2011 21:10


U.S.: Capt. Owen Honors fired, but he has a Facebook posse

  • 15,281 Honors supporters on Facebook source
  • » And a big gripe with Fox News: If you’re going to report about this story, please get the name of the paper that broke the story correct. It’s not the “Richmond Virginian-Pilot.” It’s “The Virginian-Pilot.” And it’s not even based in Richmond. It’s based in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Sorry … we used to work in that building, and we don’t like the fact that they source the paper that got the scoop with an obvious misrepresentation of the paper and lack of understanding of why they would care about the story – hello, massive Navy town! Please correct.

03 Jan 2011 20:54


U.S.: Wannabe terrible sketch comic getting a break from his Navy job

  • cause Our good friend in the Navy, Capt. Owen Honors, made a bunch of videos which looked like he had been reading eBaum’s World waaaaaaay too much. They got released to a non-Navy audience over the weekend.
  • effect Honors, who commands a large aircraft carrier, will temporarily be relieved of his duties as of Tuesday. Perhaps he should use the time off to work on becoming the next Carlos Mencia. We hear that guy’s funny. source

02 Jan 2011 11:47


U.S.: Bad idea: Pretending to be a comedian when you’re in the Navy

  • Dear Capt. Owen Honors: Look, we know it gets lonely when you’re out to sea, but you’re not Dane Cook. You’re held to a higher standard than Dane Cook, as our good friends at the Virginian-Pilot reminded you when they put this video on their site. There’s a lot of not-kosher comedy in here, OK for, say, Carlos Mencia or Denis Leary. But for the people on the U.S.S. Enterprise who had to watch these terrible excuses for comedy, they were just a wee bit offended. Leave the comedy to Louis CK (or these guys) so you don’t get reprimanded. source