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28 Dec 2011 19:00


U.S.: Video montage: What happens when you run a red light

  • Think twice before you pass that red light: American Traffic Solutions, a company that makes red-light traffic cameras, just threw up this video of car crashes and near-misses its traffic cameras caught in the past year — in New Jersey alone. Some of the crashes are quite troublesome; others are harrowing near-misses. Someone will likely give this clip Benny Hill theme music at some point. Really, honestly, it’s begging for one. source

17 May 2010 21:50


U.S.: Arizona asks illegal immigrants for ID. Trenton, NJ gives them IDs

If illegal immigrants can make it all the way from Mexico to Trenton, N.J. and back to Arizona, there’s a good chance this ID won’t do anything for them. source