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13 Dec 2009 10:37


Tech: MySpace screws over its musicians big time with iMeem deal

  • lame Despite music being a huge bedrock of the company’s business model, MySpace paid less than $1 million for bankrupt iMeem, which ran the dead pay-for-music service SNOCAP (founded, BTW, by Napster founder Shawn Fanning).
  • lamer MySpace did NOT buy iMeem’s liability to pay royalties to musicians who used, umm, MySpace to sell music. Some artists haven’t been paid for over a year. And some of these artists are owed a lot of money. This is bull#)&!. source

29 Sep 2009 22:43


Music: Don’t Forget to Be Awesome: There’s a YouTube record label

  • Alex Day, above, has an album coming out on Thursday on DFTBA Records, a label created by two YouTube-based musicians. (DFTBA, by the way, stands for “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.”) These guys made a pitch about the label, and we admit, while we don’t get into the nuances of YouTube culture that brought the label to the forefront, this is a smart idea. source

12 Apr 2009 10:04


Music, Tech: This guy made a lot of YouTube musicians’ dreams come true

Michael Tilson Thomas handpicked the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, which plays Carnegie Hall next week. source