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25 Jan 2012 10:14


Biz: HSBC faces money-laundering investigation in Senate

  • A big company with big problems: Reuters is reporting that HSBC is facing some tough allegations in the Senate, with the company reportedly getting investigated for its role in sketchy money-laundering practices. Reuters reports that while the scale of the investigation isn’t known, signs point to breakdowns in the company’s anti-money-laundering systems. In response to the Senate allegations, the company’s spokesman responded: “We have ongoing discussions with officials on a number of regulatory and compliance matters. The nature of these discussions is confidential; in all cases, we are cooperating.” Read more at the link. (awesome, incredibly fitting photo by Flickr user Will Survive) source

15 Apr 2011 16:27


U.S.: Ultra-popular online poker sites shut down by federal government

  • Like online poker? Well, you won’t like this story. A bunch of executives at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker just got charged with money laundering and bank fraud, and their sites had to shut down. Above is what Full Tilt Poker‘s front page currently looks like. This is alarming — nearly a million unique visitors went to that site in March. While is still up as of this writing, PokerStars has a similar message. Sucks to be a gambler. source

10 Jan 2011 22:39


Politics: “The Hammer” to spend time in the slammer

  • 3 years in prison for former Majority Leader Tom DeLay source

25 Nov 2010 08:38


Politics: People all excited that Tom DeLay got convicted and stuff

  • You cannot wipe the grin off my face with a stick of dynamite. I think it’s important that he has to face the consequences of his actions.
  • Blogger Susan DuQuesnay Bankston of Richmond, Texas • Exclaiming her utter joy about Tom DeLay’s conviction for money laundering yesterday. DeLay, who left Congress under a firestorm of controversy in 2005, was convicted of illegally channeling $190,000 to GOP candidates in Texas with a money swap. The money helped lead to a Texas legislature that was strongly GOP, which helped the former House Majority Leader push through a redistricting plan that was advantageous to DeLay politically. What a plan! source

26 Apr 2010 22:33


World: Manuel Noriega still in custody, but pretty well-traveled

  • Panama Noriega became de facto ruler in 1983 and, while in power was accused
    of election rigging and drug trafficking.
  • Miami After he was captured
    by the U.S., where he was convicted for drug trafficking, he was jailed for over 20 years.
  • Paris In 1999, Noriega was convicted in absentia on money laundering charges. He just got extradited today. source