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08 Sep 2009 20:10


Culture: The truth about “Destination Truth”: It’s not very good


Ok, we’ll admit when we’re wrong. It may take a bit of waterboarding and pulled fingernails, but we’ll do it. The clip that the Not-Sci-Fi sent for "Eureka" was a tease to the actual point of the episode: Carter gettin’ some. We’re sorry, PR people. But to punish us with a full episode of "Destination: Truth"? Since we didn’t know the show, the elaborate press kit caught our eye with its slick packaging, so we took a look at its third-season premiere.
  • A package deal In a nutshell: Paranormal Travel show in the vein of Ghosthunters, featuring “paranormal researcher” Joshua Gates and his team investigating claims of the supernatural, mainly in the area of cryptozoology. A team filled with AV techs and not a single person with any scientific background.
  • The best bits The first part where the team gets to the remote location and the last bit with the actual experts. Gates and his crew are going to some truly remote areas, and aren’t traveling in first class. In the first part of our preview, the top of a plane ripped off. Happens every time we fly, guys.
  • And …The end of each episode involves actual scientists going over the “evidence”. In this case, each of them at points telling him he was making facts fit his conclusions, and one clearly wondering why he wanted to identify chicken and a cow bones. Watch it tonight at 10 on Not-Sci-Fi. source