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22 Jun 2011 10:46


Tech, World: So how closely involved was Ryan Cleary with LulzSec?

  • Officials called his arrest “very significant” and the rising spate of cyberattacks “deeply worrying.” As we pointed out yesterday, LulzSec said that Cleary wasn’t tied to the group. However, reports from The Guardian suggest that he at least had a tenuous tie — as the host of an IRC chatroom that the group reportedly uses — though he wasn’t directly involved with the group. “No way is he capable of pulling off what LulzSec are doing,” a source said. LulzSec denies involvement in the reported attack that led to Cleary’s arrest — a break into the British Census database. British information security officials say they haven’t received evidence from the Office for National Statistics that supports such an attack took place, however. source

21 Jun 2011 11:02


Tech: Media suggests LulzSec’s main dude arrested, but LulzSec says no

  • So, did LulzSec’s main dude get taken down? Widespread reports this morning suggest that a hacker named Ryan Cleary got arrested in the UK after a hack of the country’s Census systems. Media reports tied him to LulzSec (some even calling him the ringleader), but authorities would not confirm the fact. And lo and behold, not long after those reports came out, this tweet went up. Our guess: We bet they actually nailed someone, but the group is bluffing so that it doesn’t look so obvious. The group, by the way, has scored blows against multiple governmental agencies, multiple corporations, and has hit the hapless school bully, Sony, numerous times. In pursuit of the lulz (and the Twitter followers … they’re up to 230,000). source