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27 Feb 2012 16:03


Politics: Ron Paul hasn’t attacked Romney once during the debates

  • Ron and Mitt, bosom buddies: A lot has been made of the mysterious affinity between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. In addition Romney offering his private jet for Paul’s use, many note that, despite sharing almost none of the same policy positions, the two rarely go after each other during debates. ThinkProgress analyzed the forums, and its findings seem to confirm this: During the 20 Republican forums, Paul hasn’t attacked Romney once. We’d like to learn more about their methodology before drawing any hard conclusions from this (what counts as an “attack?”); we’re also curious as to why candidates like Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain weren’t included in the analysis [Edit: Herman Cain is actually represented on the chart; thanks to robajob for pointing that out]. Nevertheless, it is a rather odd phenomena, with explanations ranging from “they’re just friends” to “Romney promised Ron Paul’s son the VP slot” (which seems rather far-fetched, but not altogether impossible). It’s nice to have some numbers to back up the observation, and it’ll be interesting to see how the two handle Virginia’s primary, where they’re the only two candidates on the ballot. [many thanks to ThinkProgress, both for the analysis and the image] source

11 Feb 2012 11:10


Culture, Politics: Bill Murray: Is he a Closet Libertarian?

  • I think we ought to be personally responsible.
  • Bill Murray • Speaking during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” The actor made clear that he believed we should all help ourselves and any others we can. Saying that many people forget America is a “pioneer country”, Murray stopped short of condemning the social safety net; however, he did say that “we’ve sort of gotten used to someone looking out for us”, though we apparently shouldn’t, because some people are simply  “compost for the whole planet.” The interview left many wondering, is Bill Murray a closet Libertarian? source

10 Jan 2012 22:36


Politics: Ron Paul the academic

  • Some people want their freedom to practice their religious one way, maybe another way. Some might not even want to practice it at all. But freedom, if you understand it, you should all fight for freedom, because you want to exert your freedom the way you want…[People] say, how are you going to compromise and give up some of your beliefs in order to get some things passed? You don’t have to compromise. What you have to do is emphasize the coalitions that people want their freedoms for a different reason and bring them together.
  • Ron Paul • In his New Hampshire speech tonight. What’s notable here isn’t that Ron Paul is talking about liberty. What’s notable is that, in his tactical assessment of how to win supporters over to a movement, Paul sounds a whole lot more like a political theorist than a politician. The advice Paul is giving is very pragmatic–if you want to get people to support a cause, you must illustrate to them how they will benefit from the triumph of that cause. Of course, politicians use this technique all the time (the PATRIOT act, etc), but they rarely articulate that that’s what they’re doing. Paul is speaking in much more academic–and honest–terms than politicians normally do (with the possible exception of Newt Gingrich, though, to borrow a joke from Lewis Black, Newt is to academics what KFC is to chicken). If nothing else, it’s refreshing.  source

09 Mar 2011 22:02


Politics: Ron Paul fifty-fifty at running for President

  • 50% odds that Ron Paul will run for President in 2012 source
  • » Indecisive in Iowa: The libertarian hero, whose stock is way up since his cred-building 2008 run, made the prediction while visiting Iowa. “I really don’t know,” he says. “Maybe a trip like this will help me make up my mind.”

30 Jan 2011 21:54


Politics: Koch Brothers hold party in Palm Springs, people get arrested

  • 25 protesters jailed at a retreat loaded with righty donors source
  • » Anyone have a tinfoil hat we can borrow? The multi-day conference, put on by billionaire Tea Party-backing brothers David and Charles Koch, is loaded with people with lots of money and lots of influence. We bet Hank Scorpio was there, personally throwing cans of tear gas at the lefty protesters, who were mostly peaceful, but found themselves in trouble after a couple got a tiny bit too close to the shindig and ran into riot police. Supervillans need backup.

13 Dec 2010 20:23


Politics: Ron Paul finally getting some respect in Congress, guys

And the best part for the libertarians out there? He didn’t come to the majority; the majority slowly came to him. He has a subcommittee chair to show for it. source