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02 Nov 2010 00:56


U.S.: Unemployed woman receives letter from Obama, sells it to get by

  • sad One of millions of people in dire economic straits, Jennifer Cline and her husband lost their jobs in 2007. Then she got two types of skin cancer.
  • uplifting Cline wrote a letter to Obama telling him of her optimism despite her tough situation. Obama responded personally. It was big news.
  • sad Months later, Cline, still in dire straits, is selling the letter for $7,000 to pay for a mortgage and medical bills. Hard knocks suck. source

31 Mar 2010 09:48


U.S.: Obama reads ten letters a day, but few this powerful

  • In the age of e-mails, Barack Obama still digs the printed letter. He gets thousands a day, but sets aside room to read ten of them. Jennifer Cline, a 27-year-old from Monroe, Mich. wrote one of the lucky ones that had her letter read by the president. Her note, which showed optimism of turning a corner in a situation fraught with adversity, was super-compelling. It’s freaking massive, but this Washington Post article will be the best thing you read today. Trust us. source