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01 Dec 2011 14:36


Biz: Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley moves on foreclosures

  • 5 major banks sued by Massachusetts over unlawful home foreclosures source
  • » The deluge of home foreclosures that the U.S. has suffered since the financial crisis has been a crippling blow to the general economy, land value rates in high-foreclosure areas, and most of all the families who’ve found themselves unceremoniously cast out. A notable amount of these foreclosures appear to have been fraudulently engineered, rife with examples of flat-out false documentation, as well as “robo-signing,” a practice in which foreclosure documents are fast-tracked with (in some cases) fraudulent signatures and without the signee ever having read them. This was the impetus for Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley filing suit against five major banks — BofA, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, and Ally Financial.

22 Dec 2010 09:30


Biz: Kinda like burglary: Are banks unjustly breaking into homes?

This lady right here, Mimi Ash, had all of her possessions in this vacation home thrown out and taken away by Bank of America. Including her dead husband’s ashes. Yeah. source

14 Apr 2010 09:51


Biz: Even for those on Obama’s foreclosure plan, it’s not really helping

  • 75% of people in Obama’s foreclosure-prevention plan owe more than their homes are worth
  • 50% of people owe more than
    25 percent in negative equity on
    their homes; crazy source