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01 Mar 2012 22:40


Tech: Three things you need to know about Google’s privacy policy changes

  • one Google consolidated its privacy policies from over 70+ to one; the change took effect today, covering services like Gmail, Google+, Google Docs and Picasa. It will also combine information from across all accounts.
  • two “We can provide reminders that you’re going to be late for a meeting based on your location, your calendar and an understanding of what the traffic is like that day,” said Google’s blog. Creepy or not?
  • threeYou can remove your Google search history, but the company could still be “gathering and storing this information and using it for internal purposes.” It often gives users’ personal info to the government. source
  • » An advertising play: “We can provide more relevant ads too,” Google points out. “For example, it’s January, but maybe you’re not a gym person, so fitness ads aren’t that useful to you.” More relevant for users, possibly, but more relevant for advertisers, too? It’ll be interesting to see what happens a few months down the line with this policy.

16 Dec 2010 11:21


Offbeat: Crazy animators make crazy animation with Google Docs

  • The people who made this are supremely clever, but have way too much time on their hands, honestly. Google Apps wasn’t designed for something this crazy. (thanks drawnblog)

10 Sep 2009 10:45


Tech: Question: Will Google Mirror be compatible with Google Docs?

  • We’ve been looking at very unusual materials for the mirrors both for the reflective surface as well as the substrate that the mirror is mounted on.
  • Google green energy czar Bill Weihl • On Google’s plan to bring low-cost solar power to the world. Google’s working on solar energy very hardcore right now – and has some great ideas, such as gas turbines that run on solar energy instead of natural gas. Personally, we’re just wondering why ShortFormBlog doesn’t have its own green energy czar. • source