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14 Nov 2010 20:40


World: Northern Ireland political icon Gerry Adams: Ireland needs my help

  • We need more voices that will stand up against the consensus for cuts – more voices that will stand up for ordinary people. We need new politics. We need a political realignment. A change of government without a change in policies will be worthless.
  • Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams • Revealing his plans to leave Northern Ireland politics to run for parliament in Ireland’s mainland. It’s ironic that he says “voices” so many times in this quote. Adams’ voice was famously banned from British television in the ’80s due to his party’s ties to the Irish Republican Army. Adams has long been an advocate of making Northern Ireland a part of Ireland proper, but his reasons for running for Irish parliament are largely economic – he plans to run largely in opposition to the deep cuts current leadership is making in the country. We covered some of the country’s problems earlier today. source