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21 Dec 2009 22:38


Tech: “Duke Nukem Forever” got caught in a technology loop

  • I was hoping for George to come in and say, ‘OK, that was great, we got what we wanted, let’s get this done now!’ But he never did.
  • A former 3D Realms employee • Regarding the fate of “Duke Nukem Forever,” a video game that became such a massive joke among gamers that it’s unlikely that it’ll see the light of day in any way, shape or form. Why’s that? Blame George Broussard, who spent most of his adult life trying to catch up to the latest and greatest instead of getting the game released. And thanks to the success of “Duke Nukem 3D,” he had plenty of cash to dilly-daddle around for 12 years, annoying employees whose careers – and pay – hung in the balance of an unreleased game. (To say nothing of the many fans of the classic tawdry gaming icon.) The lesson to take from this? Sometimes, an artist just has to let go and stop worrying whether everyone’s using the Quake II or the Unreal engine. source