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13 Jun 2009 17:50


Music: Our Saturday mixtape: From Kraftwerk to projectors that are dirty

  • 1. It’s weird how much influence Kraftwerk wields, and how few people talk about it. They literally wrote the template for electronic music but don’t get constant adoration. “Pocket Calculator” is early synthpop perfected.

    2. Chiptune music is clearly influenced by Kraftwerk, and 8 Bit Weapon, led by Seth Sternberger and represented here by “Bit ‘n’ Run,” is a strong example of the form.

    3. Wow, “Bitte Orca” by the Dirty Projectors sure lived up to the hype, didn’t it? And they did it while making it look easy. “Useful Chamber” is – in our opinion – the album’s high point. It’s like Of Montreal’s “Skeletal Lamping” with asides that actually make sense.

    4. We’re convinced that whereever Gang Gang Dance’s “House Jam” is playing, there’s a massive party going on. And of course, someone forgot to invite us.

    5. There’s a lot of versions of Os Mutantes’ “Baby” floating around, but this one, with its garagey edges, is our favorite. Rita Lee’s 1971 acoustic version is also worth your time.source