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25 Aug 2011 16:03


Politics: Passport revives talk on proper “Gaddafi” spelling

  • So, just how is it spelled? This is a topic that got rehashed as the rebellion in Libya broke out, because it’s one media agencies have dealt with for some time, and have drawn many different conclusions about — how do you spell the now-in-hiding Libyan dictator’s last name? We’ve seen, just from memory, Kaddafi, Gadhafi, Gaddafy, Gaddafi (how we typically spell it), Qaddafi, and Kadhaffy (that one almost looks too silly to use). The reality is, none of the spellings are truly correct or not, as they’re all translated from Arabic (and even his own website uses three different spellings), but this video shows what’s purported to be the diplomatic passport of one of his sons, Mohammed. The spelling on the passport? Gathafi. source