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14 Feb 2012 14:10


World: Japanese activists want referendum on nuclear power in Osaka

  • then Last year, following the violent earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor was thrown into a state of emergency. System failure prevented adequate cooling of enriched uranium rods, causing a meltdown while hydrogen explosions rocked the plant.
  • nowJust under a year removed from the disaster, a group of Japanese activists have submitted a petition in Osaka (within Kansai Prefecture), calling for a referendum on nuclear power. Osaka is Japan’s second largest city behind Tokyo, and draws power from 11 nuclear reactors near the city. source

16 Mar 2011 16:17


World: Discrepancy in Fukushima evacuation zone raises concerns

  • 80km the distance that the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo is urging Americans to maintain from the damaged and irradiated Fukushima Nuclear Plant
  • 30km the distance the Japanese government have evacuated their own people, so … that’s a pretty concerning discrepancy source
  • » Overly cautious, or overly cavalier? That’s a question that should likely be weighing on the minds of the Japanese today, as the American Embassy in Tokyo’s suggested range of evacuation is 50km more than their own government’s. U.S. Ambassador John Roos, who issued the warning, said that the projection was based on American expert analysis, as well as information provided by Japanese officials, which begs the question- have these Japanese officials given the same advice to their own government?