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17 Dec 2009 09:52


Culture: Courtney Love’s broken up over the loss of her daughter’s custody

  • This is like a hand grenade got thrown into our lives and it’s not Frances! I am angry at these people, not Frances. I’d just prefer she not become Jaimie [sic] L Spears. She should go be a writer or an artist, which I support 100%, but this is a circus and it pains me cos I know she hates it.
  • Courtney Love • Supporting her daughter Frances Bean Cobain via Facebook while getting in a really uncalled-for slam on Jamie Lynn Spears. Love lost custody of the Nirvana heiress earlier this week, who reportedly made the decision to go live with her paternal grandmother. source

15 Dec 2009 01:05


Music: Courtney Love can’t raise Frances Bean Cobain anymore

  • Frances Bean is 17. She has a Nirvana trust fund coming soon. The lovechild of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love likely won’t turn 18 under her mother’s care. A court gave her custody rights to Kurt’s mom Wendy and sister Kimberly. She was taken away from the controversial former Hole singer for personal and financial reasons. One can assume a lot of things about this case, but rather than speculate, we’ll just assume it’s for the best. source