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11 Dec 2010 10:27


Biz: Bernie Madoff’s son, under investigation himself, commits suicide

  • 12/11/08 Mark Madoff, after learning his dad was running an immense Ponzi scheme that was falling apart, turns him into authorities
  • 12/11/10 Mark Madoff, who was under investigation in the case, commits suicide in his Manhattan apartment; this is very sad source

14 Jan 2009 09:09


U.S.: A fugitive investor story’s cinematic end

  • He muttered “Die” before he was caught. Marcus Schrenker, the daredevil amateur pilot on the run from the law for sketchy business practices, was caught last night. He was bleeding from his wrist and barely conscious. Schrenker attempted to fake his own death in a plane crash on Sunday, then sped off on a motorbike. source

13 Jan 2009 15:13


U.S.: Bailing out of a plane to bail out of a heap of trouble

  • What happened? Authorities say that Marcus Schrenker, a 38-year-old money manager wanted on financial fraud charges, attempted to fake his own death on Sunday by crashing the plane he was flying in Florida, while parachuting out safely in Alabama.
  • Cinematic getaway? Schrenker, when plotting his escape, hid a red motorbike in a shed near the point where he jumped out of the plane. The bike is gone, and his clothes were left behind. “He could be anywhere at all,” said Huntsville, Ala. Police Chief David Latimer. “Within 10 hours he could be in New Orleans, halfway to Houston, in Atlanta, anywhere.”
  • A high-flying lifestyleSchrenker, an investment manager who lived on the edge as an experienced pilot who was unafraid to pull off impressive stunts, saw his shady business dealings catching up with him. He faces charges in Indiana and his company recently lost a judgment in Maryland. He also faces charges for the plane crash. source