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24 Feb 2011 11:17


World: Julian Assange loses extradition case: What happened?

  • today Assange lost his extradition case, which says that he must return to Sweden to deal with that whole sex-by-surprise thingy thang that has long been dogging him. He denounced the decision as “a rubber-stamping process.”
  • next steps Assange has seven days to appeal the case, which his lawyers said he would. For now, he’ll likely have another month in the country. “We have to remember that at this point Julian remains uncharged,” said his lawyer, Mark Stephens. source
  • » In case you were wondering, like us: Assange’s people brought up this witness, Brita Sundberg-Weitman, who had some harsh words about Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny. Those words apparently weren’t enough to sway the judge, who noted that she had no direct knowledge of the case – just commentary on Ny as a person.

07 Feb 2011 10:36


World: Julian Assange’s extradition trial starts back up in the UK

The defense in the extradition trial suggested that there was real risk Assange could be sent to Guantanamo Bay. The prosecution pooh-poohed that. source