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16 Feb 2012 19:11


Culture: Study: Common sweetener in organic food tied to high arsenic levels

  • the research Extremely high levels of arsenic have been found in food products such as infant formulas, organic cereal bars and energy shot drinks. These are foods that use organic brown rice syrup (a common substitute for high fructose corn syrup) as a sweetener and main ingredient. The impact of such concentrated levels of arsenic might cause more damage to babies than scientists realize.
  • the damage Arsenic has been known to cause cancer, chronic diseases and developmental defects. According to the article, “one of the infant formulas tested contained twice the inorganic arsenic allowed in drinking water … one cereal bar contained 12 times the legal limit for drinking water.” Research has been done for arsenic levels in drinking water, but little is known about levels found in food. source

06 Nov 2010 13:44


U.S.: Four Loko banned in Michigan: Get your blackouts somewhere else

  • “Blackout in a Can” is losing the PR battle. So, it appears that Four Loko is about to become persona non grata in convenience stores across Michigan, as the state has banned the drink altogether (along with 55 other alcohol-plus-energy-drink concoctions) in the wake of a sexual assault case involving Four Loko. “Until further research is done by the FDA, they should no longer be on Michigan shelves,” said Michigan Liquor Control Commission Chairwoman Nida Samona. The makers of Four Loko are protesting the decision. (photo via ghostdad) source