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20 Feb 2011 11:03


World: Ugandan election results favor dude already in office for 25 years

  • 68% the share of votes Yoweri Museveni, in office 25 years, got in Uganda
  • 26% the share of votes his closest rival, Kizza Besigye, received
  • 6% the share of votes everyone else received in the election source
  • » The opposition says it’s “illegitimate”: Besigye’s Inter-Party Cooperation is one of a couple of groups who have thrown up question marks about the electoral results. European Union observers, for example, say the elections are “marred by avoidable and logistical failures, which led to an unacceptable number of Ugandan citizens being disenfranchised.” A group of African-based election observers gave a statement claiming, however, that the election was “conducted in conformity with minimum international benchmarks for free elections.” Hopefully this doesn’t turn into the kind of mess that has marred the Ivory Coast over the last few months.

02 Dec 2010 10:45


World: Here’s a picture of someone tearing up Ivory Coast’s election results

  • To our friends who are members of the Independent Electoral Commission of the Ivory Coast: If you’re going to tear up a paper with the official results on it immediately before the planned announcement, be sure a reporter from the Christian Science Monitor (below, right) isn’t watching you do it, and a photographer from the Associated Press (behind the camera) isn’t taking a photo of you doing it. Because it might look like you’re trying to rig an election for a certain candidate. As bad as this incident was on Tuesday, it’s only gotten worse from here. source