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08 Jan 2011 12:24


Tech: This is what color e-ink looks like, guys. Whaddya think?

So, here’s a shot of a color e-ink screen from a Chinese manufacturer who isn’t Amazon. Cool, but not super-high-contrast. Will Amazon eventually go for this, anyway? source

06 Dec 2009 20:49


Tech: Some quick Amazon Kindle math: They’re taking a bath, guys

  • $12 the rate that publishers offer books to sellers – digital or not
  • $9.99 the amount that Amazon sells books for its Kindle e-Reader
  • $2.01 the amount they lose on each Kindle book they sell source

06 Mar 2009 17:12


Tech: More proof that porn is an economic driver: e-books

  • 9 of the top 10 e-books on Fictionwise are erotica-related. Ah, porn. source