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18 Feb 2010 21:20


Tech: Paige Williams reflects on her “Radiohead journalism” concept

  • 5,000 number of people who read Paige Williams’ story on the survivalist Dolly Freed
  • 160 number of people who paid using a pay-what-you-want “Radiohead journalism” model
  • $1,500amount of money she made from those 160 people – some paid $100; neat source
  • » Her take?: Williams made her money back from the endeavor, but she realizes that this model might not be for everyone, and might need some work. “Institutional backing confers credibility,” she notes, “but in the wilds of the Internet, you’re on your own; trust begins and ends with you and your standards and approach.”
  • » A couple thoughts from us: Where does the ethics line hit for something like this? Many bloggers in Williams’ position might set up an Amazon affiliates account and link to where you can buy the book, which would be a great source of income for her. We considered this when we first heard about it. Personally, that doesn’t bother us, but is it too direct? source

07 Jan 2010 10:03


Culture: Paige Williams’ “Radiohead” journalism worth your time, money

  • I’m self-publishing this story because it had no other home. I wanted it to live in the world, not die in my notebook.
  • Journalist Paige Williams • On her decision to create a long-form piece of journalism and, rather than let her story idea die without a magazine to publish her work, put it online herself. The story, “Finding Dolly Freed,” centers on the author of “Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money,” a well-known survivalism book from the 1970s (who, by the way, isn’t named Dolly Freed). Since she couldn’t get anyone interested in publishing it, she spent a lot of her own money trying to tell the story the way it should be told. How does she expect to pay for it? Using “Radiohead” journalism – that’s right, kids. Pay your own price. This is exciting. source