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22 Sep 2009 09:23


Culture, World: Nigerians say “District 9” makes them look like mongrels

  • I was so angry. They were showing Nigerians as corrupt, eating aliens, saying they have sex with aliens. I could not watch that.
  • Atlanta-based Nigerian native Ken Umeano • Describing his disgust with “District 9,” a sci-fi movie that’s been universally acclaimed for its strong moral center but criticized by some for its depiction of Nigerians. It’s so bad that Nigeria’s banned the movie and wants an apology from Sony Pictures. “‘District 9’ is a work of science fiction, and no offense was intended toward any country or person,” Sony’s PR person shot back, noting that the country initially approved the movie for release. • source

15 Aug 2009 14:03


Culture: “District 9” will probably make its budget back this weekend

  • $13 million the estimated amount “District 9” made on Friday; it’s on track for a $34 million weekend
  • $30 million the size of Neill Blomkamp’s budget; looks like someone has a hit on their hands source

13 Aug 2009 23:08


Culture: Critics have a massively huge nerdgasm over “District 9”

  • 95% the movie’s current score on Rotten Tomatoes; OMG OMG
  • 83 the movie’s current score on Metacritic; nerds are gonna freak

11 Aug 2009 23:27


Culture: Is “District 9” really an “Alien Nation” wannabe?

  • District 9 is indeed pretty good. In fact District 9 is a lot of things, most of them very positive. One thing it isn’t, though, is original.
  • CinemaBlend writer Josh Tyler • In an article called “Too Close To Call: 10 Ways ‘District 9’ Is An ‘Alien Nation’ Knockoff,” where he dissects the similarities (and differences) between the two films – and in the case of “Alien Nation,” the spinoff TV series. Our question: Are there worse things to be than an “Alien Nation” knockoff? We’re not talking about the worst movie of all time here. • source