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22 Dec 2010 10:44


Politics: Dear Nina Totenberg: We shouldn’t have been so quick to judge

  • Jeesh, these folks need a life – and perhaps a touch of the Christmas spirit, as well.
  • Nina Totenberg • Explaining her meaning behind apologizing for calling something a “Christmas party” on PBS the other day. The explanation? She was actually ripping on the Department of Justice for calling the event a “holiday party,” essentially leveling the kind of criticism on them as bloggers leveled on her. Dear Nina: We shouldn’t have been so quick to judge. We’ll hold off until you say something outlandishly bad about Jesse Helms again. (thanks goes to hman‘s awesome tumblr for the link) source

21 Dec 2010 10:31


Politics: NPR’s Nina Totenberg: Sorry for saying “Christmas party,” guys

  • If you were looking for an exact point where political correctness has gone too far, this one probably works. See, NPR’s Nina Totenberg actually apologized for saying the phrase “Christmas party,” as if that’s going to offend people. The only people it will actually offend are the far-righties that will see this as another reason that NPR shouldn’t exist. Bad idea. source