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23 Mar 2011 15:44


Tech: Appocalypse Now: Controversial apps wither under scrutiny

  • drunks Four U.S. Senators (Schumer, Lautenberg, Reid, and Udall) have asked that app stores stop selling map apps designed to help drunk drivers avoid random sobriety checkpoints and police cars.
  • “cures” Answering not to elected officials, but to the pressure of public relations, Apple has pulled the religious “Gay Cure” app from its store, which supported “freedom from homosexuality.” source

31 Jan 2011 22:12


World: Flying out of Egypt: And you thought invasive pat-downs were bad

  • In a 22-kilometer (14-mile) route from our suburb to the airport we had to get through 19 checkpoints, including nine manned by civilians.
  • Markos Loukogiannakis, a Greek traveler • On trying to get to the Cairo airport in the midst of the protests. And this is before he even steps foot inside the airport! source

28 Dec 2009 20:41


U.S.: Underwear bomber: About time this terrorist guy had a nickname!

  • There was a technical problem that resulted in a non-complete explosion.
  • A statement from al-freaking-Qaeda • Regarding the underwear bomber, who we’ll also refer to as the “undie bomber,” the “tighty-whitie bomber” and” the guy about to ruin security checks for everyone.” Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, as his mother named him, was in fact working with al-Qaeda, who claim great success in actually getting the explosive device through security. They claim that the bombing attempt was retribution for bombings in Yemen that screwed their stuff up. Dudes, this guy got way closer to blowing something up than any guy since the Shoe Bomber. source