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22 May 2009 12:32


Biz, U.S.: Warranty expired: A massive telemarketing scam, uprooted

  • scam In case you’ve ever gotten an automated call from a telemarketer telling you that your vehicle warranty is about to expire (even when it wasn’t), it’s a scam, one that the Federal Trade Commission shut down last week.
  • scale This was a big one. 30,000 complaints were received by the FTC. The Florida companies apparently called tens of millions of people a week. And it was completely an attempt to bilk customers out of money. source

12 Mar 2009 10:20


Tech: Google wants to do to voicemail what it did to e-mail

  • The concept Google Voice is a new service that we’re sure they’re positioning as yet another cornerstone of your life. Essentially, it gives you a centralized number and a huge selection of tools to make the pain and knottiness of phone calls and voicemail easier to deal with. Good for them.
  • The key feature Google Voice’s top feature here is a piece of voice recognition software that converts your callers’ voicemails to text and lets you read them on your computer, Gmail-style. You mean we can look at speech-to-text versions of the calls we get from our bill collectors?! Awesome! source