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18 Feb 2012 12:46


World: Amanda Knox’s jailhouse story scores major financial windfall

  • 4 years is how long Amanda Knox spent behind bars; the foreign-exchange student was released from an Italian jail after being acquitted of murdering her roommate late last year
  • $4 million how much publisher HarperCollins reportedly plans to pay for her story; Reports of the book deal, which includes world-wide publishing rights, point to an early 2013 release source

05 Oct 2011 10:38


World: Amanda Knox, now out of jail, has massive debts to pay back

  • $1 million in legal costs incurred by Knox and her family source
  • » Two words: Book deal. Ananda Knox’s freedom wasn’t cheap, but it was a financial burden Knox was willing to pay. Her family had to foot most of the bill: Her parents both had to get second mortgages and dip into their retirement savings; her grandmother had to get a $250,000 loan. Fortunately for Knox, her story will prove to be very valuable to publishers. Sources say that she already started working on a memoir while in prison.

13 Apr 2010 10:30


Politics: Cha-ching! Sarah Palin makes a lot of money as a free agent

  • $125,000
    amount Sarah Palin made from her gig as Alaska governor
  • $12
    amount Palin’s made since she quit that job last year source